What We Do

Canadians used to be able to give our spare change to people in need of help on the street. It was a simple but meaningful way for individuals to make a difference. And it allowed people to feel their impact, increasing the likelihood they’d give again.

Card for Change scales that impact.

With less loose change in Canadian’s pockets, we turn small donations into gift cards that allow people experiencing homelessness to exercise their own agency while addressing some of their most pressing concerns. And because we partner with a variety of shelters and outreach groups with established connections in the community, you can be assured that every card makes it into the hands of someone who needs it.

We turn your loose change into real change.

Solving two problems

Poverty, hunger, and housing insecurity are on the rise. There is a significant population in Canada that wants to make a difference – what’s missing is the opportunity and confidence that donations will make an impact.

Card for Change solves both problems.

There are a wealth of frontline service providers working with unhoused people, from shelters to healthcare providers. These groups operate as a patchwork, with few meeting all the needs of the community. We partner with groups with proven track records of impact, providing them with resources to meet the immediate food, personal care, and transit needs of unhoused people so they can deepen their impact.

And by proverbial loose change donations into gift cards for local stores, restaurants, and transit, we enable Canadians to make a small, but meaningful difference while empowering people experiencing homelessness to exercise agency and address some of their most pressing needs.